SOAFEE™ Search Engine

SOAFEE™ Search Engine which accesses the Soafee Healthcare Knowledge Base of lOOB+ cost records.
This medical pricing transparency platform and tools transforms that Big Data into actionable knowledge.
The SOAFEE™ transparency platform for providers allows them to post their self-pay pricing, thereby opening new avenues to attract patient revenue and operate in a fair market for competition.


The SOAFEE Health Market provides premium member services and tools to consumers and a medium for providers and suppliers to healthcare consumers.

Provider ranking uses patented AI technology to find feedback and ratings on Providers to arrive at a relative rating score for considered providers. SOAFEE offers Symptom Checker, an advanced AI tool enabling users to input symptoms and get feedback on potential causes, and then look for appropriate providers.

With Bill Checker, users can take their medical bill, mask out personal info, and then upload it to SOAFEE, where the system will run an automated comparison check and give as provide feedback on the reasonableness of their bill.

The marketplace provides Members a range of healthcare services, products & supplies which include Direct Primary Care Providers, Telemedicine, Urgent Care, Medical Tourism, Medical Equipment, General Medical Supplies, Specialized Clinics, Concierge Doctors, Supplements and Alternative Consumables, Pharma/Meds, and Health Care Facilities.

Purpose build Portal Dashboards for subscribing members, provider/suppliers and employers. The Health Centers aggregate all their activity options, activity history, scheduled appointments and reports into one easy to navigate location. Providers/Suppliers also included in the Health Centers are entry points for subscribed applications, transactional applications, etc. Premium Knowledge Services are available thru the Dashboards, those include "Symptom Checker", Provider Ranking and "Bill Compare".


Soafee's support services help providers run their business operations more efficiently. This reduces operations costs, resulting in lower prices for Healthcare Services. These include: Onboarding New Patient Apps, Document Scan, Data as a Service, Subscriptions, and Operations Automation Apps.

Soafee's support services help provid- ers and suppliers run business operations more efficiently. This reduces operations costs, resulting in/ower prices for Healthcare Services and Supplies. These include: Onboarding Apps (Clients, Suppliers, etc.), Document Scan, Data-as-a-Service Subscriptions, RPA/AI Automation Module Subscriptions, and Operations/Process Automation Apps. Subscriptions.