The SOAFEE™️ project is dedicated to improving the healthcare experience by applying technology that enables consumers to identify and select the best cost options for receiving healthcare services, while helping medical practitioners reach and engage with those potential client patients.

Transparency, especially in pricing, helps consumers informed decisions and with data from over two million providers, it also helps providers establish fair market rates for their services. Our network will help individuals and the many small and medium businesses who self-insure.

In addition to the web Portal, consumers can use Google Home and Amazon Alexa for speech-based access to the SOAFEE™️ system. The integration with Amazon Alexa and Google allows patients to find and book doctors automatically and our new Employer Platform makes it easier for employers to manage their employees’ health care benefits. Together we can improve the healthcare experience!

The SOAFEE™ integrated mobile experience and speech-based experience is currently under development using Amazon Alexa skill SOAFEE™, Google Home skill SOAFEE™, and the SOAFEE™ mobile app. The integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allows patients to find and book doctors automatically. That makes SOAFEE™ immediately available to over 119 million Americans.